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Traditional Home-Selling Tips – TO IGNORE!

Have you noticed, the moment you share the thought of *possibly* selling your home, everyone suddenly has an opinion?

It can be so difficult to decipher the good advice from the bad, and as quickly as our real estate market changes it’s becoming crucial to a successful sale that you (and your Realtor!) understand what works and what doesn’t, for today’s savvy consumer.

Here are some of the TOP most recommended (old fashioned) home selling tips that should be dropped like a hot potato. . .

Season (fall, here in SW Florida) is the best time to sell – It used to work like the tick of a clock. Summertime was quiet time in South Florida real estate, with our heaviest business coming from November through to springtime. No longer!!! Thanks to virtual marketing and international buyers, with a hefty percentage of buyers searching online they no longer need to wait to purchase a home during a visit. And they don’t! If the time feels right for selling, a good agent knows how to make that happen for you, regardless of the time of year. upward, the real key to selling is inventory levels, which typically occur other times of the year.

The first offer is always the best – While all offers should be considered, don’t feel pressured to take a sub-par offer just because it was the first. If that offer comes in significantly low, don’t be afraid to open a conversation via your real estate professionals. Every offer is an opportunity to get to your goal. All it takes sometimes is a little extra effort.

Open houses sell houses – Not in the way you might think. Only 2% of homes sell as the direct result of an open house attendee, according to the National Association of Realtors®. BUT I’ve personally noticed that private showings tend to tick up EVERY TIME I’m marketing for an upcoming open house. I often use them less to sell the home to an attendee of my open houses, and more for the attention they generate.

Price high so there is room to negotiate – Homebuyers are more sophisticated about pricing than they used to be, and will not bother with overpriced homes. You may think they’ll throw an offer on the table no matter how high your list price is, and just see what happens – but that thinking is outdated, friends! Price your homes to sell, because a savvy buyer is not going to waste their time on a home they can’t afford.

You must update your kitchen to sell – Buyers do love renovated kitchens, but keep in mind that you typically recover only 81% of the cost of a remodel when selling. If you do feel a renovation is in your best interests, be careful not to *over* improve. Another great option is to offer your buyer a credit toward making their own improvements to the home, in the style they prefer! It saves you the time, energy and often some money as well!

Do you know what your home is worth right now? If you’ve been thinking of listing, before you do anything at all, make sure you call Rose Tree! We’re always happy to help!

To schedule your FREE home value estimate – fill in the form below. We would love to help, virtually OR in person!

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