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The Jitters (and why my kids dread new clients!)

Hello world. This morning I am less-than. ( < ) Today I pitch to new clients why I am the person to sell their beautiful waterfront home, and I am READY. All night I prepared for this appointment, including the three dry run throughs my new clients and I shared in my dreams. Unfortunately, the day did not start on an upbeat. My runny nose, pissy children and hectic schedule have left me treating myself to a hazelnut macchiato (hot) and granola yogurt parfait at Starbucks, trying to shake the feeling that I am the trigger that flips the hateful monster switch in alll three of my children, which always seems to be flipped on my most professionally crucial days. It’s that, or maybe they are consipiring to take me out of the Real Estate business all together.

How do you know when you are at the end of your rope because your kids shortened it over their natural little life spans, or because your stress just bled right out of you and into the air surrounding those precious babies. Infecting them. Like chicken pox or influenza. My gut is telling me I already know the answer. Which means that today I’ve learned something new in my adventure as a professional woman: There are going to be days where you have to own your own bratty-ness. I was off my game as Mommy this morning, because my real world responsibilities were a little scary. Admit it, and be free. No excuses. That’s the way I need to try and live. Hello World ~ today I was kind of a shitty mother! I didn’t remember Jesse’s field trip money! I was furious because Jake’s golf clubs knocked over three baskets and a bowl of fishy crackers and he just started at me, like I wasn’t cleaning up his mess fast enough. So I Yelled At Him! (And not in a productive way either, I think I literally said “helllooo, I am not a MAID. . . “) And when Noah wouldn’t put his shoes on, I pretended to be fun and hyper, clapping and sing-songing at the top of my lungs. But it was a ploy. I was ready to scream!!!!

And now here I sit, with one appointment in just a few minutes and then hours to prep myself one more time for my big 2pm. . .and I’m just curious ~ why isn’t it okay for grown ups to make a mess of things anymore? I am learning that I can’t do every single thing exactly the way I used to. Something’s gotta give, and unfortunately there will be days where that “something” might be my patience. I didn’t hit anybody, or sling mean words toward my precious boys. I was just totally at my limit, and not the sweet snuggly mom I like to be. Doesn’t make me wonderful today, but I am going to try not to punish myself over it all day long, and I’m sharing this with you because I’m pretty sure – if we’re being honest – you’ve had this day, too. So go to Starbucks and give yourself an “I forgive you” latte. It’s okay not to be perfect, sometimes. ❤

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