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Reviews are EVERYTHING!

If you live in a place as vacation-friendly as SW Florida, chances are you know a good number of realtors. There are currently more than 9,000 actively licensed real estate professionals in my market! WOW, right?

But how can you know that you’re working with the right professional for you?

Not all realtors are created equal! At Rose Tree, our approach is simple. We are a relationship driven brokerage, specializing in residential real estate throughout SW Florida. Having lived and worked right here in Lee County for near twenty years now, and having purchased my very first Florida home at the height of the famed “bubble” of the early 2000’s (and subsequently lost that home, due to those predatory lending practices made famous by the housing crash that followed), I have a particular interest in protecting my customers. I went into real estate with those hard earned lessons tucked into my back pocket, and vowed to never let anyone that trusted me with their goals be taken advantage of, the way I was so many years ago.

That is what drives me. And here are my most recent reviews, proving that a decade later, I remain committed to protecting and promoting not only the dream of home ownership, but the dreams of every one of my customers, from the first day of house hunting to the last signature on the closing packet.

If you might be interested in working together, whether your goals are to buy, sell, or rent – complete this simple contact form below, and I will be in touch shortly!

I can’t wait to be a part of your next adventure in house hunting!

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