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My husband is a very tolerant man. His evolution over the fourteen years we’ve shared a home is impressive by any woman’s standards. I’ve been “allowed” to move away from the newly-cohabitating ideals of chosing every little thing together, respecting each partner’s personal style, blah blah  blah. . .and have landed in a place of “oh, I couldn’t buy that for our house. I love it, and it would look perfect, but it’s starting to look like a craft fair in there, and I’m starting to feel really bad for the man.” True Story!

SO, we have a formal living room that has been pretty much abandoned since our youngest outgrew his train table. My husband has slowly taken over this space as his old timey Nintendo quarters. Once we decided it was time to paint (it had ‘only’ been three years since we bought the house after all!), the color my gentleman chose was described to me as “Nintendo-red”. It did not disappoint!

Now, not only am I a pretty neutral-color based person/home decorator, but I also sell houses for a living. Painting a room red is one of the biggest home-selling disasters anyone could fall into. Now that my home is currently on the market to be sold, I guess you could say I have ‘painted myself into a (bright red) corner!’ (Mom jokes are the worst, no?)

2016-07-14 12.41.53

Bright formal living area. . .no, I wasn’t talking about that natural light. . .

What do you think? Worth repainting or ?

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