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Monthly To-Do List – January!

A new month calls for a new monthly to-do list. Don’t have one prepared yet? Try these three on for size:

  1. Take down your holiday-specific decorations, and neatly store them for next year. (*Pro tip: throw away any damaged strings of lights, ornaments or ribbons.) It is soo tempting to toss it all in a bin and tell yourself you’ll remember to replace them next season, but you won’t. Save yourself next December’s headache and just do it now!

  2. Create a home expense budget sheet for 2021 to limit financial surprises. This will also allow you to plan accordingly for any big plans/expenses for the year. If the pre planning feels good, why not outline your goals and intentions for 2021 while you’re at it?! A goal is just a dream until you write it down, after all. . .

  3. About those goals. . . if one of them is to move on up to your very own home, or sell the one you currently have, make sure calling Rose Tree winds up on that list of yours!

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