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Four Literary Questions

After many, many years of self imposed silence, my stories are finally ready to be told. Writing again is not as natural as I expected it to be; eight years of creative exile is a long time and my mommy brain is just plain rusty! As I’ve searched for guidance through the words of other, more established writers, I came upon this super handy and thought provoking list of question. If you too are a rusty-writer, or just feeling reflective, have a read and see what you think! I found it very inspiring 🙂

This question was posed for me by a reader on my Goodreads page. For me, the best questions are the ones that make me think more deeply about the issues involved. This was a good one:


“What makes a great story/book? There are so many writers out there, but only a few get any acclaim, and some of the best posthumously. It is a herd mentality that snowballs into popularity?”


The questioner is actually asking four separate questions here.

1. What makes a great story?

2. What makes a great book?

3. Why do only a few books get acclaim?

4. Is it a herd mentality that snowballs a book into popularity.


I answered them in order–but Number 2 is the one that interests me most.


1. A great story is one which satisfies the question it raises in the beginning. It can be a…

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