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Before You Choose Your Realtor – Read THIS!

When more than 90% of consumers search for and often find the homes they’re interested in independent of a Realtor – only contacting one once they know what they want to see in person, how important is it to hire someone to work for you – and how do you know they’re the right one for you?

The short answer is: it’s very important.

Thanks to sites like Zillow, Trulia, and others, searching for the right home for you has become accessible like never before. But finding the home is only the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve read any of my recent updates, you might learn that at the moment we are in a near balanced market, trending more toward the benefit of sellers more than buyers, and what that means is that multiple offer situations HAPPEN. Highest and best offers HAPPEN, and low ball offers with the opportunity to negotiate toward the middle just aren’t as common as they once were.

Choosing an experienced Realtor that understands your needs and knows how to maneuver in a competitive market is essential to your success.

Remember a few things first!

  1. Hiring a realtor costs NOTHING. Their commission is paid by the seller. And before you think you’ll be saving the seller money by working with the listing agent PLEASE KNOW that the commission a seller pays is pre-negotiated before that home ever hits the market. If the listing agent represents both parties, the seller does not pay less. The listing agent just keeps the total amount of commission, where if you had your own representation, per the listing agreement and MLS guidelines, that commission would have been split between seller’s agent and buyer’s agent accordingly.

Bottom line – it does you no favors to go it alone. Hire your own realtor. It’s free, and it can only help, not hurt.

  1. Your realtor is ON YOUR SIDE! So don’t keep secrets, because if you don’t feel you can be open with the realtor you’re working with – that’s a giant red flag that probably you shouldn’t be working with them in the first place. In Florida, a licensed Realtor is able to show you any property in the entire state! Don’t hold back! If you find something they haven’t, send the address along, and if it’s truly for sale and still available, I guarantee you that agent would be thrilled to add it to your short list. Working together is key to building a relationship for success.

  2. Finally – don’t be afraid to make that realtor work for your loyalty. I always urge prospective clients to refuse to sign a contract binding them to a real estate agent right from the get-go as a buyer. A good realtor does not need to trap you in a working relationship. I want my customers to be loyal to me because I’ve worked hard enough to ensure they wouldn’t want to work with anyone else! You deserve that kind of hustle. Don’t be afraid to demand excellence from your agent. They’re making a good amount of money for your transaction. Make them earn it.

Here’s a helpful article I found with a few more tips on hiring the right realtor. Hopefully when you’re ready, I’ll hear from a few of you down the line! But whomever you choose to work with, I wish you the best of luck on your way to your next home sweet home.

How to Hire a Real Estate Agent — and Be Their Best Client Ever

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