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BEFORE Listing Your Home – Do This!

People ask me all the time, what really needs to be done BEFORE getting my home on the market? Often my answer is “very little” – but that doesn’t mean you should wake up one day and throw a for sale sign out in the yard.

These 3 “must-do” items are about showing your home to buyers in the best light possible, so that you can ask for top dollar when the time comes to review those offers!

3 Must-Do’s Before Listing Your House for Sale

1. Declutter, Depersonalize and Clean – This is the time to take spring cleaning seriously, no matter the season. It’s time to purge those closets friends!  Donate to charity, hire a dumpster or rent a storage space – do whatever you need to do to clear out those junk drawers and game closets. Buyers will be looking everywhere, including in closets and cabinets. The more organized you are, the more spacious your home will feel! Spend some time to depersonalize by removing excessive pictures (so buyers can imagine their own decor and family items on your walls!) and hide away valuables. You never want to limit exposure to your home for fear of items being taken. Simple solution – hide them away! Finally, deep clean every space top to bottom!!!!

2. Address Deferred Maintenance – Make small repairs as you find them, or even hire a handyman to take care of problems which could appear during the home inspection. Common things like old caulking, broken windows and screens, and unsealed or dirty grout are sure to appear on a diligent buyer’s radar. Go ahead and take care of those items ahead of time, to ease potential headaches down the road.

 3. Go for Curb Appeal – Look at your home with fresh eyes. Is it welcoming right from the start? Get outside and trim those bushes and trees, clean up and adjust as needed any border walls or decorative fencing, and make sure there is adequate lighting for night time drive by’s. Welcome your buyers with seasonal flowers (or if you’re like me and can’t keep those plants alive) some updated decor along the entryway or front porch, and finish off with a fresh welcome mat by the front door.

After all that’s taken care of, the only thing left to do is call me. I’ll take it from there!

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